About me

About me

My experience, practice and values

Like every one of us, I have faced many trials in my life. In both personal and professional terms, my life has been full of changes and soul-searching. I have had to grapple with situations over which I had no control a number of times, and all that was left for me to do was learn to live with these situations.

But there were also situations that I just didn't want to put up with.

It was these situations and other experiences that convinced me of one thing - that I wanted a change. I was sure that I want to raise my sons in a beautiful family background and have a job that confirms to me that it is possible to satisfy my needs - motherhood and career.

Starting to make changes within yourself is one of the hardest things a person has to face in life.  

But if you don't commit to change, you can't expect it to happen by itself. And that's how I got into coaching at the age of 40. The desire to understand our behaviour, motivations, or fears that limit or drive us led me to NeuroLeadership. It promotes and teaches coaching based on the knowledge of the human brain. One course at this school was enough and it was rather clear to me - coaching is the right path for me. Today, I have completed a number of courses, including the completed certifications of the International Federation of Coaches.

I found myself in coaching. 

That synergy with my clients, and the opportunity to be there when they begin to realise new things, thoughts, behaviour, when their transformation begins to be visible outwardly, and noticed by those around them... This is what gives me energy, purpose, and satisfaction in my life. It has always been important to me that my work gives me joy and fulfilment. Without that, I would not be of benefit to others. Today, as well as coaching my clients I also teach at coaching school, and I am part of the Coaches Pool at the NeuroLeadership, where I continue to learn and develop. In addition, I am a mentor for the Femme Palette project, where I particularly focus on developing business, leadership and people management.

Besides life coaching, I also focus on two other fields of coaching: corporate and sports coaching. I've worked in various management roles for twenty years - as Head of Sales I have led small and large sales and retail teams within the CEE area. I have launched new brands onto the market and opened single-brand and multi-brand stores. Over this period, I have learnt how to communicate with clients, how to listen to them and also how to motivate my team. Thanks to my experience and knowledge, I am today able to help the owners of large and small companies, businesspeople, managers, and their teams to overcome all obstacles they may encounter in their work.

Handball led me to sports coaching, as a sport I have played competitively since childhood. Through handball, I have learnt teamwork and fair play, which has helped me later in life and in my work. 

Sport was also a way for me to outdo myself and expand my horizons.

And so I experienced for myself how important a player's mindset is to perform. This means I can help athletes to achieve better results through mental training.

My clients are people who want to change something in their life, whether in personal, work or sporting terms. And I'm glad to be their guide on this journey to a happier and more satisfying life.

What I belive

Trust and humanity

Trust between partners and collaborators has always been very important to me, alongside a human approach.

I believe that only an open relationship based on trust can unlock the door to deeper and more stable co-operation and the path to achieving successful partnerships and deals.

And this approach is also important to me in coaching. Trust and humanity are core competencies for a good coach.

What does a coach look like? 

Rather ordinary :-)

I´m certified in coaching

My certificates

Like every good coach, I know that even after gaining a certificate, you need to continue to work on your education. It's a never-ending process in which not only do I gain further knowledge for my practice, but I also really love doing. The complexity, and yet perfection, of the human mind will never stop fascinating me.

Do you think I can help you too?