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Offer of coaching services 

People are different, they have different needs, interests, abilities and skills, and they cannot be approached in the same way. That is why I approach each client individually and together we analyse their needs, expectations and goals. 

Life coaching

Corporate coaching

Sporst coaching

Life coaching

For those seeking themselves

Suitable for anyone who wants a change in themselves, in their relationships, in their approach to life, or for those who just want to fulfil their desires and wishes.

  • satisfaction in life
  • life choices
  • new lifestyle, new beginning
  • finding meaning in life
  • relationships, parenthood
  • self-confidence, self-esteem
  • returning from maternity leave

Corporate coaching

For managers and employees

Suitable for managers and any company employee. This process will lead to improved relationships between people, within your team or hierarchy, greater performance and responsibility, and the achievement of set goals and new opportunities.

  • better relationships at the workplace
  • better approach to juniors/seniors
  • time management, priorities, greater efficiency
  • delegating, people management, feedback
  • burnout syndrome
  • improving staff turnover

Sports coaching

For athletes

Suitable for athletes who need to work with their psyche, focus on better performance, increase potential, remove blocks and improve relationships.

  • working with the athlete's psyche
  • revealing and removing internal blocks
  • finding and using one's own potential
  • strengthening self-confidence

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